This  New  Tecpel® CL-327A  is a battery-powered, hand-held process calibrator that
allows process technicians to simulate and source  variables signals. Output signals
including DC voltage, DC current, ohms, analog transmitters, thermocouple, RTD,
frequency, pulse, Switch On-OFF,  are widely used in measurement and calibration
for industrial field and laboratory application, it is one of necessary tools used to test
and calibrate industrial automation systems and instruments. Get your job done fast
and get it done precisely at affordable price. Your right choice!

Process Calibrator CL-327A

general characteristics:
1, The basic accuracy of the output of up to 0.02%, the output is displayed as 6 digit
2, The output functions: DC voltage, DC current, ohms, analog transmitters,
thermocouple, RTD, frequency, pulse, Switch On-OFF
3, The DC current output, can provide 25 percent and 100 percent of manual
stepping, automatic step and auto ramp output function
4, The thermocouple output, can provide high-precision automatic cold junction
compensation, ℃ or ℉ temperature display
5, Outside with high-precision temperature probe, accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃
6, Large-screen LCD display multiple data can be displayed simultaneously: DC
current and % values, thermocouples, temperature values of thermal resistance and
the corresponding indexing values, etc.
7, The operating performance is superior keyboard configuration, set the value
corresponding to the output bit  setting change keys and LCD display.

Working temperature and humidity
       0 to 50ºC, ≤80% RH non-condensing
       40 to 50ºC, ≤70% RH
Storage temperature and humidity
      -25 To 60ºC, ≤90% RH non-condensing
Display and backlight
       * Segment LCD dual display
       * White LED backlight
power supply
        * 4 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
        * Automatic shutdown: can set auto-off time from 0 to 60 minutes
Size and Weight
       205 × 95 × 42 (mm), approximately 500g

More detailed specifications:

Certificate: CE

Ordering information:

CL-327A  Process Calibrator

Minimum Order: Negotiable

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CL-327A type PT100 Thermocouple process calibrator
Process Calibrator CL-327A PT-100 thermocouple Calibration