Multilogger Thermometer ( DTM-507)

Temperature Datalogger DTM-507
T1, T2 for various thermocouple
Triply display with set-able backlight
Data logger function
Save Data: 128 samples with real-time data
Data Logger: 16 sets, Maximum 1024 data capacity
T/C Offset Adjust
HOLD functions
T1, T2, T1-T2, Time and Memory No
Resolution 0.1/1oC to 0.1/1oF
Warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting
TIME, REL, Record interval, APO time setting

Thermocouple Range
K-TYPE (0.1°, 1° for above 2000°F) -200°C to 1372°C,
-328°F to 2501°F
J-TYPE (0.1°, 1° for above 2000°F) -210°C to 1200°C,
-346°F to 2192°F
T-TYPE(0.1°) -200°C to 400°C, -328°F to 752°F
E-TYPE(0.1°) -210°C to 1000°C, -346°F to 1832°F
R-TYPE(1°) 0°C to 1767°C, 32°F to 3212°F
S-TYPE(1°) 0°C to 1767°C, 32°F to 3212°F
N-TYPE (0.1°, 1° for above 2000°F) -50°C to 1300°C,
-58°F to 2372°F
Accuracy: K/J/T/E-TYPE
±(0.05% rdg + 0.3°C) on -50°C to 1372°C
±(0.05% rdg + 0.7°C) on -50°C to -210°C
±(0.05% rdg + 0.6°F) on -58°F to 2501°F
±(0.05% rdg + 1.4°F) on -58°Fto -346°F
±(0.05% rdg + 0.8°C) on -50°C to 0°C
±(0.05% rdg + 0.4°C) on 0°C to 1300°C
±(0.05% rdg + 1.6°F) on -58°F to 32°F
±(0.05% rdg + 0.8°F) on 32°F to 2372°F
±(0.05% rdg + 2°C) on 0°C to 1767°C
±(0.05% rdg + 4°F) on 32°F to 3212°F

Ordering Information:
DTM-507 Thermometer


We have been using the TECPEL DTM-507 for a while now and keep coming up
with the same problem, which despite my colleagues and i scouring the
instruction sheet (both online and paper version) have yet to find out how
to easily fix without having to take the batteries out.

Occasionally whwn the student presses the wrong sequence of buttons, the
datalogger gets stuck with ;REC and ;LIMIT; on the display
and the data logger is inoperable after that. I can't turn it off either
as it's stuck in  ;REC ;.

Which buttons do i need to press to take it out of  REC  ?

Nothing my colleagues or I have tried seems to work and  like to be
able to fix this problem without having to take out the batteries of the


When DTM-507's MAX / MIN function is used, the screen will appear REC symbol, this will avoid the
logger not to be shut down and  also can not use other features!

To leave the record feature, press  the MAX / MIN  this button for 5
seconds, until the REC symbol on the screen disappears.

Here is the link for manual on our web site and if you need, you can
download it.

Download English Manual

Minimum Order: Negotiable
TEL: 886-2-27375866
FAX: 886-2-27373343
Download English Manual
Download English Manual