Product ID: CA-60

AC/ DC mA Current Clamp transducer

  • This miniature clamp meter features two
Hall effect sensors
  • For use with any multimeter with 200mV
or/and 2V ranges for direct readout input impedance
of least 1M ohm.
  • High conversion factor for low DC
and AC mA measurement.
  • With the small jaw size it can fit into tight space
in circuit panel or wire bundle to take the reading
  • The high frequency response at 20 kHz is useful
for waveform monitoring on an oscilloscope.
  • Zero adjustment is made easy by just pushing
the ZERO button.
  • It is best for locating small signal, industrial control,
battery leakage,and automotive usage

This Tecpel AC/DC current clamp in an accessory which will allow your multimeter to
measure electrical current up to 60Amperes DC/AC, with a frequency response up to
400MHz. When measuring current with this clamp, There is no need to break a circuit or to
affect the isolation.

CA-60 Specifications:
0 ~ 60 Amp DC or AC current
9mm 3/8 " Conductor jaw opening capability, fits tight space
Transformer ratio: 10:1, 100:1
1 mV/10mA or 1 mV/100mA conversion
Frequency response to 20 kHz
DC A : +/- 1.5% ACA : +/- 2% (40Hz ~ 2K Hz)
AC A: +/- 4% ( 2K ~ 10KHz)
AC A: +/- 6% ( 10K ~ 20K Hz)
Output: 1mV/ 10mA, 1mV/ 100mA
Monitor small signal, waveform and leakage
Size: 7.7" x 2.8" x 1.3"
Safety: Designed to meet IEC 100-1 , IEC 1010-2-032 CE
Certificate: CE

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AC/DC mA Current Clamp transducer CA-60

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AC/ DC mA Current Clamp  CA-60