Product ID: AVM-712

Anemometer meter,  air flow + air temperature

air velocity with RS-232C

Model  :AVM -712


  •   3 Measurements in one instrument.
Air flow: CMM( M3/min) and CFM(FT3/min)
Air velocity: m/s, ft/min, km/h, knots, mile/h.
Air temperature: Degree C and F.
  •   3 air flow mode: Instant, 2/3rd Velocity Max,  
  •   Use Low friction ball vane wheels to make sure   
high accuracy in high and low velocities.
  •  Large LCD dual display
  •  Recall function for maximum and minimum record
  •   Data hold function
  •  High accuracy and special function built-in
  •   microcomputer circuit design.
  •  Auto power off
  •  Use fast-response-time Thermistor sensor for
temperature  measurement.
  •   Low battery indicator
  •    006P DC 9V battery operation
  •   Separate probe for different  environment
  •   With hard carrying case
  •   Wide applications for air conditioning &  heating
  •  systems, measuring air   velocities,  wind  temperature

Anemometer meter, air flow + air velocity with RS-232C  
SPECIFICATIONS        CE  Mark Safety Approval

Circuit: Exclusive one-chip of microcomputer LSI circuit
Display: 13 mm (0.5") super large LCD display (dual function meter's display)

Air velocity:  m/s (meters per second) ,km/h (kilometers per hour), ft/min (feet per minute)
knots (nautical miles per hour), mile/h (miles per hour) , Air flow: CMM (m3/min.), CFM (ft3/min.)
Air temperature: °C, °F , Data hold

Sensor structure: Air velocity  & air flow: conventional twisted van arm and low friction ball bearing
design , Temperature: thermistor  

Memory recall: Records maximum and minimum readings with recall
Sampling time: approx. 0.8 sec.
Data output: RS-232 PC serial interface
Power off: Auto shut off saves battery life or manual off by push button
Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Operating humidity: less than 80% RH
Power supply: 006P DC 9V battery, MN1604 (PP3) or equivalent (alkaline or heavy duty type)
Power current: approx. DC 8.3 mA

Dimensions: Main instrument: 180 x 72 x 32 mm (7.1 x 2.8 x 1.3 inch)
Sensor head: round 72 mm dia.
Weight: 381 gr. (0.84 LB)

Air velocity
Measurement         Range                    Resolution         Accuracy
m/s                 0.5 - 40.00 m/s                0.1 m/s         ±(2% + 2d)
km/h                 1.8 - 144.0 km/h            0.1 km/h
mile/h                 1.1 - 89.4 mile/h          0.1 mile/h
knots                 1.0 - 78.1 knots            0.1 knots
ft/min                 100 - 7880 ft/min          1 ft/min         ±(2% + 20 ft/min)

Air flow
Measurement                 Range                          Resolution                                         Area
CMM (m3/min)         0 - 999,900 m3/min       0.001 - 100 m3/min                       0.001 - 9,999 m3/min
CFM (ft3/min)         0 - 999,900 ft3/min         0.001 - 100 ft3/min                    0.001 - 9,999 ft3/min

Air temperature
Measurement         Range                 Resolution         Accuracy
Temperature °C      0°C ~ 60°C         0.1°C                 ± 0.8°C  
Temperature °F      32°F ~ 140°F     0.1°F                  ± 1.5°F  

UPCB-01 RS-232C cable (optional)
SW-U101-WIN PC interface software (optional)

Ordering Information:
AVM-712   Anemometer
UPCB-01 RS-232C cable (optional)
SW-U101-WIN PC interface software (optional)

Minimum Order: Negotiable
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FAX: 886-2-27373343
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