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TR-31   Temperature Data Logger (USB)
TR-32  Temperature  and Humidity Data Logger (USB)

TR-31   Temperature Data Logger USB

TR-32 Temparature and humidity data logger usb


        Large Data Capacity: up to 43,000 Records
        Wide Selection of Recording Intervals 2s to 24H
        Wide Temperature Range: -30  deg C to 85 deg C
        Measuring range of air humidity  0 – 100 %RH (TR-32 )

The TR-31( Temperature ) and TR-32 (Temperature and Humidity) are
compact data logger with built-in lithium battery for recording 43,000
values. TR-31/32 adopts user-friendly USB interface, easy-to-mount
brackets with screws. The OK key can help the user check the
Max/Min/Current values and the upper and lower limits. The measuring
data can be recorded automatically at adjustable intervals from 2 s up to
24 hours.   The saved measurement values can be read out via a USB port
and graphically displayed using the equipped software, or exported to
other software applications for further analysis.  

Application fields:
for refrigerator , cold-chain transportation, and container transportation
monitoring applications.

Compact / Warning Signal / Lightweight / Water Resistant!
Wide Temperature Range: -30  deg C to 85 deg C
Large Data Capacity: up to 43,000 Records
Wide Selection of Recording Intervals 2s to 24H
Impressive one year battery life
Waning Monitoring function

1. Simply connect to a PC via supplied USB cable to set up data logger.   

2. IP Rating : IP67 Waterproof and dustproof to resist moisture, dew-point
temperature and dust.

3. The low energy consmption circuit design.

4. Hi/Low  LED blinking Alarm setting.

5. Able to display Max/Min reading.

6. Switchable *C and *F.

7. Dew point calculation via software. (TR-32)

8. Easy operation English software.

9. Low battery indication.

10. Data storage capability: 43,000 points

11. Acrylic holder for easy installation on walls.


Application Examples :
Cool and frozen transportation and storage
Frozen transportation and storage
Monitoring temperature during food transportation
Performance testing of air conditioning equipment
Recording temperature of instrumentation and machinery

TR-31,  Specifications:
Temperature Measurement  -30 to 85 ° C (TR-51S)
Measurement Accuracy +/- 0.5 ° C
Average +/- 0.5 ° C (-20 to 80 ° C)
Measurement Resolution Display 0.1 ° C
Sensor Thermistor

TR-32 Specifications:
Measurement :Temperature Humidity
Temperature : -30 to 85 ° C
Humidity :  0 to 100 %RH
Measurement Accuracy
(Standard Sensor) Average +/-0.5° C(-20 to 80 ° C)
Average +/- 0.5 °C ; +/- 5%RH (At 25 ° C 50%RH)
Measurement Resolution Display 0.1° C , 1%RH (TR-32)
Sensor Thermistor Macromolecular
High Sensitve Humidity Sensor

General Specification for TR-31/TR-32

Recording Interval  2s to 24 hours
Recording Capacity 43,000 Readings
LCD display Current Temperature, Recording Condition, Battery Life
and Unit of Temperature (deg F and deg C)
Battery Lithium battery (ER3V M) x 1 (Also availabe with CR2)
Battery Life  Approximately one years
Water Resistance Capacity  IP67
Dimensions H125mm x W28mm x D22mm
Weight 60g (Including battery)
Temperature Resistance of Unit -30 to 80 ° C

Order Information:
TR-31 : -30 to 85 ° C Temperature Recorder.
TR-32:  -30 to 85 ° C Temperature/ Humidity Recorder

Order Information:

TR-71U Temperature Data Logger (USB)
TR-72U  Temperature / Humidity Data Logger (USB)

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