The 4 - Input Digital Thermometer DTM-319A is a battery-powered K, J, E, T Type temperature
data logger with sensor already built inside the device. For sure, the product is a compact, which is
easy for users to carry it everywhere. Furthermore, it is a practical device without difficult
manipulation skills needed; customers can use this data logger in an efficient way. Last but not
least, the item can measure temperature from -200°C ~ 1,372°C, which is ideal for all applications,
especially in some circumstances requiring precise operation and measurement.

The temperature data logger is equipped with numerous advantages, which also make the device
more convenient for users to operate. As we move on to the professional era, our continuing
support through high quality standards and services for our customers worldwide will remain. To
boost your business, choose TECPEL as your reliable and promising partner.

If you are interested in our product, please don’t hesitate to send your questions and inquiry to us.
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•        Measurement Range : -200°C ~ 1,370°C (-328°F ~ 2,498°F )
•        k: -200~ 1370 °C (-328 ~2501°F)
•        J: -150 ~1000 °C (-238 ~1832 °F)
•        E: -150 ~ 750 °C (-238 ~ 1382°F )
•        T: -180 ~ 400°C (-292~ 752°F )
•        Data Logger Accuracy :
o        ±(0.1% reading +0.7 °C); ±(0.1% reading +1.4 °F)
o        Below -100°C (-148°F) ±(0.4% reading + 0.7 °C (1.4 °F)
•        Temperature Coefficient: 0.01% of reading +0.05 °C per °C (<18 °C or > 28°C).
•        Temperature scale: °C or °F user-selectable
•        Resolution : 0.1°C or 0.1°F< 1000 ° ( >1000 ° , 1°C )
•        Sensor : K, J, E, T type Thermocouple probe
•        Sampling rate: 3 seconds per testing circle
•        Input Protection : 60V DC or 24V rms AC Maximum
•        General Specifications:
•        Power Requirement: 1 piece 9V battery
•        Dimensions: 7.2" x 2.5"x 1.2" (184 x 64x 30mm)
•        Weight: 7.4 oz(210g)
•        Accessories: RS-232 cable and software for WINDOWS), Deluxe carrying case, owners
English  manual, TPK-
•        01 bead probe x 2 pcs
•        Option Accessory: AC adaptor( DC 9V), Special Type K thermocouples
•        Certificate: CE
•        Ordering Information: DTM-319A Thermometer
•        The above accuracy of DTM-319A is specified for ambient temperature between 18°C (64 °
F) and 28°C (82°F).
•        The above specifications of DTM-319A do not include thermocouple sensor error.
Temperature: K:  -200°C ~ 1,370°C (-328°F ~ 2,498°F )
Isolated input Protection up to 250V AC between two inputs.
Data Logging capacity 16,000 records for each
4 Digit LCD display for every tested point.
Recording interval set up.
Reading hold °C or °F annunciators.
4-channel thermocouples can be used
simultaneously and recorded.
MAX, MIN. Function.
Auto Power off
Hold functions.
Automatic low battery indication.
High resolution 0.1°C, 0.1°F
USB Computer interface.
Software program for Windows.
Standard Tripod mount connector
Certificate: CE

The following K type thermocouple is for illustration only.
The accessory is only provided with  2 pcs TPK-01  K type thermocuples.

Certificate: CE
Ordering Information:
DTM-319A  Thermometer

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4-channel digital temperature data logger 319a
4-channel digital temperature data logger