Waterproof strip thermometer probe type
Electronic Thermometer
Model: DTM-3107

◎ Spill!
◎ with 280mm long stainless steel probe.
◎ replacement, demolition stainless steel probe
◎ The maximum and minimum temperature memory function.
◎ low battery warning.
◎ power switch.
◎ accuracy can be displayed to the nearest one.
◎ with numeric lock key.
DTM-3107 Thermometer Application: Suitable for cooking,
conditioning, laboratories, pools, environmental measurement
and other uses.

Product Specifications:

DTM-3107 Probe Thermometer Specifications:
Measuring range: -50 ℃ ~ 300 ℃
Working environment: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Resolution: 0.1
Accuracy: ± 1 ℃ (-30 ~ 250 ℃) other ranges 2 ℃

Display Update: 1 second
Probe Specifications: 280mm stainless steel
Battery: button battery (357A) X 1
Thermometer description:
First connect the thermometer probe and tighten the probe to avoid seams seepage.
Press [NO / OFF] button to turn on the power outlet if the battery symbol on the screen, the battery
power is low
Please replace the battery, avoid large measuring error occurred.
Maximum and minimum reading settings:
Pressing [MAX / MIN] button appears on the display panel shows the current MAX is the maximum
temperature of the measured
Degree reading, press the [MAX / MIN] button, the screen displays MIN, and as the lowest temperature
measured values
Leave the maximum and minimum readings:
The maximum and minimum reading mode, pressing [MAX / MIN] button for 5 seconds to leave the
maximum and minimum mode
C Caution:
If the pH is too high measuring body measurement, measurement should be cleaned after the probe.
When replacing batteries, remove the screw on the screw should pay attention to cushion can not be
A long time without measurements, remove the batteries to avoid poor quality battery discharge
phenomenon is not normal,
Cause leakage damage thermometer.
Thermometer recommended every year must be returned to parity once to ensure the accuracy of the
Panel, key Description:
1 Celsius / Fahrenheit switch
2. Reading lock
3 Max / Min display reading
4 Power switch
5. Reading display

Ordering Information:
DTM-3107 Stem Thermometer

Minimum Order: Negotiable
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