Digital Sound Level meter Data Logger

product ID: DSL-331
Model DSL-331

Features :

  •  Auto Ranging Measurement  30dB to 130dB  
  •  Work with Window Software  
    32,000 Records Data Logger  
  •  Bar graph Indication with Back Light     
  •  RS-232 Real Time Display Software for
     Window 95/98/2000  Windows 7    
  •  Frequency Weighting: A, C
  •  4-Digit Display with updated cycle 0.5s
  •  Resolution : 0.1dB resolution
  •  Max/Min  Hold Function
  •  The standard Fast and Slow Time weightings  
  •  AC/DC signal output  
  •  Overload condition indication  
  •  Auxiliary output jack
  •  IEC 651 Type II, ANSI S1.4 Type2.
  • Calibration Potentiometer easy to adjust
  • Back screw hole tripod connection
  • External Power DC 9V input
  • Calibration Potentiometer easy to adjust

Model : DSL 331

Specifications :  with CE approval

Standard Applied:
IEC651 Type 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2

Frequency Range
31.5Hz ~ 8KHz

Measuring Level Range
30 ~ 130dB

Frequency Weighting

1/2 inch electric  condenser microphone

LCD Back Light Function

Digital Display
4 digits ,    Resolution: 0.1dB,    Display Update: 0.5 sec

Analog Display
50 segment Bar graph, Resolution, Resolution: 1dB, Display update: 50mS

Time Weighting
FAST (125mS); SLOW(1 Sec)

Lo: 30 ~ 80dB ; Med: 50~ 100dB, Hi: 80~ 130dB;      Auto Range : 30~ 130 dB

±1.5dB (under reference condition at 94dB 1KHz)

Measuring Level Range
30 ~ 130dB

Dynamic Range
100 dB

Over and Under range Indication Function
"OVER" is displayed, while input is more than upper limit of range. ; " UNDER" is displayed, while input
is less than lower limit of range.

Hold Reading the Maximum and Minimum Value  
AC Output
1V rms at FS (Full Scale),                                           output impedance :      Approx. 100 Ω

DC Output
10mV/dB, Output impedance approx. 1K Ω

Auto Power Off 30 minutes if no operation


Power Requirement:
One piece 9V battery NEDA 1604

Power Life
About 50 Hours (Alkaline battery)

AC Adapter (option)
Voltage 9VDC (8~ 15 V DC Max) ; Supply current : > 30mADC

Operation Temperature
0 to 40 ºC (32 to 104 ºF)

Operation Humidity
10 to 90% RH

Storage Humidity
10 to 75% RH

10 oz(285g)

9V battery, Carrying case, calibration screwdriver, 3.5Ø plug,  windscreen.
RS-232 cable, Software disk and owners manual.

Tripod Connection Hole Able to connect Camera Tripot Stand   

Ordering Information:
DSL-331   Digital Sound Level datalogger

Minimum Order: Negotiable
TEL: 886-2-27375866
FAX: 886-2-27373343
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Digital sound level meter data logger