Product ID: DPM 035

Digital Clamp Power Meter

Digital Clamp Power Meter
1000Amp AC/DC Power Meter
Model : DPM 035

  • AC/DC Current up to 1000Amp
Power, Current, Voltage, frequency and
resistance measurement
  • Read true power (AVcosθ), apparent power (VA),
reactive power (AVcosθ) and power factor (cosθ)
  • Surge mode for inrush current measurement
  • Data hold, Max/Min and crest factor reading
  • 0.8 inch, 3500 count digital display with annunciators

This model is discontinued and no more stock available.


DC Current Ranges: 35A,350A,1000A,±(1%+5~15dgts)
AC Current Ranges: 35A,350A,1000A,±(1%+5~15dgts)
Active Power (VxAxCosθ) Ranges: 3.5kW,35kW,350kW,±(2%+5dgts)
Apparent Power (VxA) Ranges: 3.5k,35k,350kVar,±(2%+5dgts)
Reactive Power (VxAxSinθ) Ranges: 3.5k,35k,350kVar,±(2%+5dgts)
Power Factor (Cosθ) Ranges: 3.5k,35k,350kW,±(3%+5dgts)
Crest Factor: Ranges 1-6,±(3%+2dgts)
AC Voltage(45-400Hz) Ranges: 350V,600V,±(1%+5dgts)
DC Voltage Ranges: 350V,600V,±(1%+5dgts)
Surge Mode: Ranges AC Current,±(3%+5dgts)
Frequency: Ranges 10Hz-1KHz±5%
Resistance: Ranges 0-3.5KΩ±1%
Audible Continuity Check: Threshold<30Ω

Power Requirement: 4 pieces AAA batteries
Dimensions: 3.38 inch x 10.6 inch x 1.7 inch (85x270x43mm)
Weight: 24.6 oz(700g)
Accessories: Test leads, soft carrying case, and owners manual.
Certificate: CE

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Minimum Order: Negotiable
TEL: 886-2-27375866
FAX: 886-2-27373343
1000A AC/DC Power Clamp Meter